Strathburn Cattle Station

Strathburn Cattle Station – Pig Hunting & Birds in Pristine Cape York, Australia

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Boars, Bulls, Barra,
Cape York Peninsula
Queensland, Australia
Sunday, 25th July 2021

Improvements - Strathburn Cattle Station Pig Hunting Birds Cape York Australia


Cattle Yards - Click for enlargement

Improvements include:

  • Working airstrip;
  • Main homestead - comfortable 3 bedroom plus office,
  • 10 kw solar stand-alone power system,
  • Weekly air mail service from Cairns,
  • STD phone and fax via dual channel analogue radio system,
  • Broadband internet via satellite,
  • Television service via satellite;
    Airstrip with homestead alongside - Click for enlargement
  • Original (old) homestead -
  • 3.5 kw solar stand-alone power system;
  • Machinery shed, workshop & garage plus older sheds;
  • 2 good sets of cattle yards (each 1,000-head capacity);
  • Fencing - 13 main and 13 smaller holding paddocks;
  • 328km of fencing (220km new 2003 onwards), plus 117.4km new fencing of both sides of Holroyd River (completed in 2007).

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Strathburn Cattle Station, Pig Hunting and Birds in Pristine Cape York, Australia

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